Hi there, and welcome to Visionist Cove! 

We celebrate the fiction and media that we love.

We do this through textual analysis, longform essays, industry-specific coverage and more.

Our goal is to produce high quality criticism that is academic in scope and rigour, but never sacrifices accessibility just for the opportunity to sound intelligent. We want to broaden the conversation surrounding our favourite stories and experiences by finding new ways of looking at them, and doing so in such a way that you shouldn’t need a degree to understand what we’re saying.

Currently, our focus is on comics, but over time we plan to cover multiple mediums, oftentimes drawing comparisons between the different artforms we love in order to glean new understandings of each. 

We believe that, at our core, we all want to celebrate things. Online discourse doesn’t always make that easy. Visionist Cove is that place you can come to get away from the noise, and the anger and insistence on finding the worst in a thing, and breathe.

Visionist Cove is the place where we can share with each other the best of the things that we love, and hopefully find new ways of looking at the world of art, fiction and media.