The Final Days of Krakoa: Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X Announced

Fall of the House of X / Rise of the Powers of X Announcement from X, Twitter

Accompanying a slew of other comic book announcements this week is one of epic proportions. The Krakoan era is coming to a close, with the Fall of the House of X and the Rise of the Powers of X.

What Can We Expect from the Fall of the House of X?

As the name and the marketing suggests, these two series that are one mark the ‘final battle’ of the Krakoan Age.

Spearhearded by writers Kieron Gillen (A.X.E.: Judgement Day, Immortal X-Men) and Gerry Duggan (X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Invincible Iron Man) and artist-extraordinares Lucas Werneck (Immortal X-Men, Trial of Magneto) and R.B. Silva (Powers of X, Fantastic Four, Captain America: Symbol of Truth), these two books seem to be mirroring the dual-series structure that ushered in the Krakaon Age. Much like how Hickman, Larraz and Silva opened things up with House of X & Powers of X, so too shall this era close with something similarly symbiotic.

Of course, the exact contents of these new series remain open for debate.

The Fall of X went through much fan speculation when it was announced, as people tried to decipher if it was referring to the fall of the X-Men as a whole, the Krakoan nationstate, or just the x-patriarch Charles Xavier. Now, with more information to work with, fans are already theorising.

One prevailing theory is that while the Fall of the House of X may refer to the dissolution of the Krakoan status quo, with Xavier’s newfound dream burning around him, the sister series Rise of the Powers of X may be far less earth-bound.

Those that have read Powers of X know that in the future, mutants were driven to space for survival as the ascendancy of machines drives them away from their home planet. Could the end of one era be signalling the beginning of a new, spacefaring one instead?

In more practical plot terms, current assumptions (which may well be validated or disproven at NYCC 2023) are that Fall of the House of X will wrap up the ORCHIS/Nimrod/Omega Sentinel plotlines, while Rise of the Powers of X will deal more with the Chimera, the Technarchy and Dominions and other, more heady elements of the current era.

For exactly what it all means though, we’ll have to wait for Marvel’s “Next Big Thing” Panel at NYCC 2023.

For more comic book news, especially over the course of NYCC 2023, make sure to check back in here at Visionist Cove for all your comic book needs!


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