Mad Cave Studios Announces Multiple New Licensing Deals, Comic Adaptations

Gatchaman Announcement Art from Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave Studios, publishers of the recently released You’ve Been Cancelled and Under the Influence, announced a slew of new titles over the past week.

While some follow in the publisher’s creator-owned roots, there were multiple announcements of titles made possible by new licencing agreements.

New Creator-Owned Comics from Mad Cave Studios

Edenfrost #1 Cover from Mad Cave Studios
Bruno Frenda. Courtesy of Mad Cave Studios.

First, at the tail-end of last week, Mad Cave announced a new creator-owned fantasy series named Edenfrost. Written by Amit Tishler – whose credits range across TV, animation and gaming – with art by Bruno Frenda and lettering by Taylor Esposito, Edenfrost follows two siblings fleeing across Ukraine in the wake of the Russian Civil War. Along the way, they ‘uncover the mystical powers of a Golem’, potentially leading to the key to their survival.

The full premise for Edenfrost is as follows:

After losing their parents in a pogrom, teenage siblings Alex and Yuli use the mystical power of a Golem to survive the chaos of the Russian Civil War. In a harrowing journey through war-torn Ukraine, the duo will face the harsh reality of warfare, ethnic bias, and national pride as they fight for their own place in the world.


Tisher has signed a creative partnership deal with the publisher to produce a series of works, starting with Edenfrost and continuing into October 2024 with The Last Wardens.

What New Licenced Comics Will Mad Cave Studios be Publishing?


The first of two announcements: Mad Cave Studios have officially entered into an agreement with Japanese company Tatsunoko Production to produce all new comics for Gatchaman.

Gatchaman Announcement Art from Mad Cave Studios
Inaki Miranda. Courtesy of Mad Cave Studios and Tatsunoko Production.

Back in 1972, Tatsuo Yoshida created an anime series called Kagaku Ninja-tai Gatchaman (which translates to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman in English). Since then, various adaptations, sequel series, and animated movies have been produced, with Gatchaman spawning a devoted fan following.

Gatchaman’s themes are as relevant now as they were back in the ’70s. A focus on the responsible progression of technology, protecting the environment and conservationism all reside at the core of the franchise.

The future of Gatchaman, however, is in comics. Mad Cave Studios will publish a new series set in the world of the original animated show, slated to release in 2024.

No writers or artists have been officially attached to the series yet.

Flash Gordon

Secondly, Mad Cave Studios announced another partnership, this time with American company King Features Syndicate to produce a wide array of Flash Gordan publications.

Dating back all the way to 1934, Flash Gordon is a sci-fi action adventure character created by Alex Raymond. Famously, Flash Gordon ran on television across multiple series, with one in 1954 and another in 2007. He also starred in various comics, animated shows and radio shows.

This new partnership with Mad Cave Studios includes new monthly comics, graphic novels and reprints of old, classic tales.

New stories are set to start releasing in 2024, again with no set creative teams.


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