Dead No More! Marvel Announces ‘Resurrection of Magneto’

Resurrection of Magento Announcement Image from X, Twitter

In the lead up to NYCC 2023, Marvel have been releasing a series of pre-announcements about what’s to come over the next year.

One of those announcements centred on the World of X (currently suffering the Fall of X): the fan-favourite master of magnetism will return in ‘Resurrection of Magneto’!

Wait, Magneto is Dead?

That’s right, Magneto is dead, although he hasn’t been dead for long.

During Marvel’s markedly philosophical summer blockbuster A.X.E.: Judgement Day, Magneto gave his life fighting off the Eternal war machine Uranos in an effort to defend his newfound home of Arrako (formerly Mars).

Taking place in the pages of X-Men Red, Magneto’s sacrifice was a huge moment, especially considering he’d previously elected to opt-out of mutantkind’s current resurrection technology. Effectively, this meant this death was permanent.

Well… as permanent as anything is in comics! After all, less than a year later and he’s back. Speaking of…

How is Magneto Being Resurrected?

Details, naturally, are scarce. Aside from the X (Twitter) announcement, we currently have very little to go on.

Conventional wisdom might say that the Resurrection of Magneto might be facilitated by that very same resurrection technology that Erik opted out of initially, but for those that caught this year’s Hellfire Gala, you’ll know that system is currently… not operational.

Of course, those keeping up with the pages of Immortal X-Men may be able to see a path to that technology returning, so the exact means of his return are up in the air.

There’s also alternate methods to consider, like a magical resurrection at the hands of his no-longer-biological daughter Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. She’s also been curiously absent from the Fall of X – would this be her rather dramatic way of getting involved?

What Do We Know About the ‘Resurrection of Magneto’?

More details will ultimately be unveiled at Marvel’s “Next Big Thing” panel at NYCC 2023, but for now we have some cursory information.

The creative team bringing this storyline to readers is none other than Al Ewing and Luciano Vecchio. Ewing is a name that should be familiar to x-readers and Marvelites in general by now, as the continuity supremo responsible for X-Men Red (yes, that same X-Men Red where Magneto died).

This suggests that the Resurrection of Magneto is something that’s been in the plan for a while, and thankfully is being landed by the same pen that wrote him off the pages of the X-Men in the first place.

Furthermore, Vecchio is no stranger to the world of X either. Recently, he contributed to the Hellfire Gala 2023, and he’s also worked on a Marvel Unlimited story for Iceman, designing the new costume he currently sports in the pages of Astonishing Iceman, from Steve Orlando (Darkhold, Scarlet Witch) and Vincenzo Carratu (Mary Jane and Black Cat, Extreme Venomverse).

Additionally, we also have a date: January 2024.

That means that as the Fall of X starts coming to a close at the end of the year, this new final phase of the Krakoan era will immediately start to kick off.

For more comic book news, especially over the course of NYCC 2023, make sure to check back in here at Visionist Cove for all your comic book needs!


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