New Thundercats Comic from Declan Shalvey, Drew Moss

Thundercats #1 Declan Shalvey Cover

To the surprise of many at NYCC 2023, Dynamite Entertainment dropped the news that they’ll now be publishing comics based on properties from both Disney and Warner Bros.

First up in 2024 is a new Thundercats comic series from Declan Shalvey and Drew Moss.

Which Version of the Thundercats is this Based on?

Longtime Thundercats fans will know that the property has a long history. Beginning with cartoon and attached line of toys in the 1980s, Thundercats also spawned a video game, several comic series (original published by Marvel) and even a reboot cartoon in 2011.

The official announcement from Dynamite Entertainment seems to suggest that this new comic series will skew much closer to the original show than the reboot, however.

Dynamite’s synopsis for the title can be found below:

‘With Lion-O at the center, following his journey toward becoming a worthy leader, the team will work together, combining their diverse talents, attitudes and learning about the magical power of the Eye of Thundera. But will they be able to accomplish these goals and growth, with Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living’s eyes set on them? With the franchise’s trademark blend of action, drama, and touches of science fiction, fans will not want to miss this all-new approach.’

Dynamite Entertainment

What Can We Expect from Shalvey and Moss?

Declan Shalvey is a storied creator, having worked on numerous licensed and creator-owned titles.

Over at Marvel, he’s drawn titles such as Venom, Moon Knight and The Return of Wolverine, with many of the characters hes created going on to become fan favourites, and his work on Moon Knight inspiring aspects of the Disney+ show. Furthermore, his creator-owned work is exceptional. Most recently, he’s written temporal-heist story Time Before Time and also written, drawn and coloured the excellent spy-fi thriller Old Dog.

Drew Moss is similarly accredited, having worked for a variety of publishers and properties. Most notably, he worked on Copperhead at Image Comics, as well as Gargoyles: Dark Ages and Vampirella/Red Sonja at Dynamite.

On Thundercats, the pair are set to explore the lives of the characters in their early days on Third Earth. Classic characters like Lion-O and Cheetara are set to appear.

What Other Titles are Dynamite Publishing from Warner Bros.?

In addition to the news about a new Thundercats comic releasing in February 2024, Dynamite Entertainment also announced a slew of other titles that they’d be publishing in partnership with Warner Bros.

These include The Flintstones, Space Ghost, The Powerpuff Girls, Jonny Quest, We Bare Bears and The Wizard of Oz, as well as others yet to be confirmed.

It should be noted that this is some speculation as to whether all of these properties will receive full ongoing series like Thundercats. Others may have new work published, but in other formats. What that means exactly, we’re not entirely sure yet.

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