Privacy Policy

Visionist Cove currently has no in-site system to create accounts, and as such does not directly collect any of the usual information related to the establishment of an account, such as an email, password etc through the typically associated means.

We do, however, offer the ability to sign up for a newsletter, courtesy of Substack. Doing so requires the submission of an email address, which is collected for us on behalf of the aforementioned third party. This information is held securely, and is used as part of a mailing list which you can opt out of at any time using the existing functionality on Substack.

For more on Substack’s specific use of data, please check here.

We may also collect data, through the use of cookies, that pertains to your usage of this site. This can include how long you visit the site for, what device you access it on, approximate location when browsing etc. This list is not exhaustive.

We may use third parties to place ads on Visionist Cove, such as Google. These third parties will serve ads based on the behaviours and profiles learned through any collected data, enabling said parties to better target any advertisements. This may result in ads being more focused on products and services that the individual user could be interested in.

Additionally, we also use this data to measure audience behaviours and traffic internally. This allows us to monitor anonymous activity from users. This is used to better understand the profiles of users of this site.