Human Target’s Greg Smallwood to Create Next DC Epic with Batman the Barbarian

Batman the Barbarian by Greg Smallwood

Hot off the success of his run on The Human Target alongsider writer Tom King, artist extraordinaire Greg Smallwood is writing and drawing his own limited series: Batman the Barbarian.

Joining the ranks of the many other titles announced by DC Comics as part of their new Elseworlds line of books, Batman the Barbarian will be a 6-issue mini-series that reimagines the Dark Knight.

Little concrete information has been released about this series, but we know that it will launch alongside other Elseworld titles like Batman: Nightfire and Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age.

Similar to those, Smallwood’s limited series will take Bruce Wayne in a totally new direction, exploring what a more brutal, visceral take on the character would be like in a wildly different setting.

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