Cosmic Horror Meets a Superhero Post-Apocalypse in Green Lantern: Dark

Green Lantern: Dark by Homare

Action and adventure typically characterises the Green Lantern mythos – but now, so does cosmic horror.

Announced this week at New York Comic Con 2023, DC Comics will be publishing a new mini-series called Green Lantern: Dark.

Billed as something closer to fantasy and horror than the traditional Green Lantern fare, this new series is part of DC Comics’ new Elseworlds line of comics.

From critically acclaimed creators Tate Brombal (The Oddly Pedestrain Life of Christopher Chaos, Barbalien: Red Planet) and Werther Dell’Edera (Something is Killing the Children) comes this darkly-tinged tale of heroism in the post-apocalypse.

What’s the Synopsis for Green Lantern: Dark?

Green Lantern: Dark by Werther Dell'Edera
Werther Dell’Edera. Courtesy of DC Comics.

DC Comics were kind enough to reveal an official synopsis for the title as part of the announcement, which you can read below:

‘Green Lantern: Dark by Tate Brombal and Werther Dell’Edera reimagines the DC Universe as a dark fantasy wasteland where monsters overrun a post-apocalyptic earth. The battle between good and evil ended long ago.

Now, darkness prevails as humanity struggles to survive on a corrupted planet. Only one hero remains, the one who wields the green flame that can return light to a dark world—The Green Lantern. But she’s been missing for years, and, on the isolated island of New England, the horrors only get worse by the night.’

Official Synopsis for Green Lantern: Dark from DC Comics

Additionally, DC have confirmed that this is a 7-issue mini-series.

Which Green Lantern Does the Series Follow?

As the promotional art suggests, Green Lantern: Dark doesn’t follow any member of the Corps that we already know.

Instead, the Elseworlds story will follow a completely new hero, one who weilds a lantern rather than a ring. Their powers appear far more mystical in nature than scientific, having more in common with Alan Scott than Lanterns like Hal Jordan or Jo Mullein.

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