Black Panther Joins the Blood Hunt in May 2024

Black Panther: Blood Hunt #1 Virgin Cover Andrea Sorrentino

Back at NYCC 2023, Marvel announced their Summer 2024 event Blood Hunt. Since then, we’ve been waiting for more details on the inevitable tie-ins that would accompany the series.

Earlier this month, Marvel unveiled that there would be over 20 different tie-ins – some being separate mini-series, others being tie-in issues of ongoing series.

Well, news has dropped of the first official tie-in mini-series: Black Panther: Blood Hunt.

The official synopsis from Marvel is as follows:

‘BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT sees the recently exiled T’Challa finally returning to Wakanda’s capital city. Only he now serves a different nation entirely—the vampire nation! One of the vampire’s first—but certainly not last—victims, T’Challa finds himself caught in a soul-crushing struggle between protecting his people from his new brothers and satisfying his new overpowering thirst for blood.

Threatening his legacy as king as well as his deep connection with the Panther God, T’Challa reluctantly embarks on a quest from the vampire overlord to find an ancient power. In the process, he’ll unearth long-buried secrets about Wakanda’s own secret history with creatures of the night as Eaton and Karami introduce new blood-sucking villains inspired by real African legend and mythology.’

‘Black Panther: Blood Hunt’ Transforms T’Challa into a Vampire, from

From writer Cheryl Lynne Eaton and artist Farid Karami, with covers by Andrea Sorrentino, this series will run three issues.

The first issue drops on the 29th May 2024.

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