Britain Joins Marvel’s Blood Hunt Event with “Union Jack The Ripper: Blood Hunt”

Union Jack The Ripper: Blood Hunt #1 Main Cover Ryan Brown

After Marvel’s announcement of the first Blood Hunt tie-in series yesterday, Black Panther: Blood Hunt, they’ve quickly followed things up with a second piece of news.

The next 3-issue mini-series to be joining the vampiric ranks of Jed Mackay and Pepe Larraz’s event is Union Jack The Ripper: Blood Hunt.

Find the official synopsis for the series here, courtesy of

‘A Union Jack story like you’ve never seen before as the iconic British hero armors up, grabs his trusty Webley pistol, liberates a medieval longsword, straps on some grenades, and heads out to slaughter the blood-sucking masses in a way that would make the Punisher envious! Union Jack’s solo mission will place him at war with a specific brood of vampires targeting his homeland, all led by a mysterious villain known as the Hunger!’

Union Jack Paints the UK Red in ‘Union Jack the Ripper: Blood Hunt’

Brought to you by the talents of Cavan Scott (Star Wars: The High Republic, Titans: Bloodpact) and Kev Walker (Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange), this mini-series follows Union Jack (Joseph Chapman) as he ‘upgrades himself into a one-man vampire slaying army’.

The first issue releases on 15th May 2024.

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