Nosferatu Joins in the Carnage in Dracula: Blood Hunt

Dracula: Blood Hunt #1 Main Cover Rod Reis

You didn’t think Marvel would make an entire vampire event without including the main man himself, did you?

In May 2024, the leader of the Vampire Nation joins the fray in his own tie-in series, Dracula: Blood Hunt!

Acccompanying Jed Mackay and Pepe Larraz’s blood-chilling main series, this three-issue mini-series will chronicle the adventures of Dracula as he teams up with the most unlikely of allies: Bloodline, the daughter of his arch-enemy, Blade.

Helming this series none other than writer Danny Lore, who recently introduced fans to Bloodline in her own mini-series, Bloodline: Daughter of Blade. Joining her is rising star Vincenzo Carratù, who has delivered stunning work on Astonishing Iceman and Mary Jane & Black Cat over the past couple of years.

When interviewed by Marvel as part of their official press release, Danny Lore spoke of what made Dracula such an interesting character to write about:

“One of the most interesting things about Dracula, for me, is that he doesn’t run on mortal time, and because of that, his reasoning tends toward shadowy and full of schemes,” Lore explained. “Right now, his goal is to keep Brielle safe—but what does it mean to protect the kid of the number-one thorn in your side? And why?”

In ‘Dracula: Blood Hunt,’ the Lord of Vampires Takes the Daughter of Blade Under His Wing

What’s Dracula been up to Recently?

Marvel’s version of Dracula has been surprisingly busy over the last few years. He’s made appearances in a variety of high-profile titles, from Avengers to Wolverine and beyond.

In Jason Aaron and David Marquez’s Avengers Vol. 3: War of the Vampires, readers witnessed a vampire civil war that ultimately led to Dracula and his Legion of the Unliving being exiled to Chernobyl by the Russain government. However, due to their (super-)natural resilience, they were able to turn that punishment into purpose. Dracula quickly built a new Vampire Nation in the atomic ruins of the city, declaring it his domain.

Later, in Wolverine from Benjamin Percy and Viktor Bogdanovic, Dracula began orchestrating plays from the shadows. Chief among them was manipulating Omega Red, longtime X-Men villain, into luring Wolverine into a position to be abducted and subsequently drained of blood. The result? Dracula has Logan’s healing factor coursing through him – Dracula can walk beneath the sun…

This can only be cause for concern as far as the Avengers are concerned, and will undoubtedly play a big role in the upcoming Dracula: Blood Hunt.

Who is Bloodline, Daughter of Blade?

Brielle Brooks, daughter of Blade, is a relatively new creation, having only debuted as recently as May 2022.

Created by Danny Lore and Karen S. Darboe, Bloodline enters the pages of Dracula: Blood Hunt hot off a guest appearance in Miles Morales: Spider-Man where she teamed up with the ultimate wall-crawler and her father, Blade. Together, they assisted Miles in his pre-Gang War troubles.

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