Every New Marvel Comics Series in March 2024

Ghost Rider Final Vengeance #1 Variant Cover Greg Capullo

Previously, in an effort to document and simplify the sheer volume of new comics being published every month, we published an article on all the new titles coming out of Marvel Comics in February 2024.

Well, it turns out you all really responded positively to that piece, so going forward we plan on covering new releases alongside our Top 10 lists for most anticipated titles in the monthly solicits. This month, that means we’re looking at all the new Marvel Comics series in March 2024 – and just like last time, there’s enough to rack up a double-digit count!

Spectacular Spider-Men

First up, the surprise announcement from a few months ago – we’re finally getting a Spider-Men team-up book! In a move that almost feels about 8 years later than expected, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will officially be fighting crime together, every month, in a series dedicated to their shared exploits.

This comic comes in addition to all the other ongoing Spider-Man books, meaning Amazing Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Spider-Man will continue unabated (as will Spider-Boy, Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen: Smash… you get the idea).

From legendary TV and comics writer Greg Weisman (Young Justice, Gargoyles) and veteran Spidey artist Humberto Ramos comes this light-hearted adventure comic, the first arc of which is confirmed to start with a confrontation with the Jackal!

Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance

Then, in even more surprising news, came the announcement that Benjamin Percy’s run on Ghost Rider would be coming to an end, only to be reborn as Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance.

Johnny Blaze, and his partner Talia Warroad, are seemingly out of the picture, as the Spirit of Vengeance has found a new host. In true Marvel fashion, the publisher has already revealed who this new rider is ahead of time, but in case you want to go in blind we won’t spoil things here. Though it is worth saying, the identity was indeed as unexpected as the initial marketing said it would be.

Ultimate X-Men

Announced back at NYCC 2023 as part of the wider Ultimate Universe line, Peach Momoko’s Ultimate X-Men will follow new interpretations on old characters. To start, the series will be told from the perspective of Hisako Ichiki, a.k.a. Armour, as she develops strange and seemingly grotesque powers that play as much into the body horror genre as they do any YA-power fantasies.

AIPT recently ran an interesting X-Men Monday with Momoko where she discusses how she ‘wasn’t too familiar with X-Men before researching them when [she created] Demon Days and now, Ultimate X-Men’. In keeping with the theme of radical reinventions of familiar characters, while also retaining the core appeal of the properties, that the new Ultimate line seems built upon, this kind of commentary is actually very encouraging.

Marvel fans from across the board can look forward to a truly innovative new spin on the X-Men, particularly through the perspectives of underutilised existing characters as well as wholly new ones too.

Weapon X-Men

Then, on the complete opposite end of the x-spectrum comes Weapon X-Men. Spinning out of the recently released Original X-Men #1, a past version of the Pheonix has recruited a team of multiversal Wolverines to save all of existence.

If you aren’t feeling the radical reimagining of Ultimate X-Men, or want a something antithetical to the bold new era that is the Krakoan Age, then Weapon X-Men seems tailormade for you.

Much speculation exists as to whether this is a one-off type mini-series, or whether it signals a wider return to the dark, gritty stories the X-Men had found themselves in for the decade prior to Hickman’s arrival. Regardless, whether it’s a part of a thing or the whole thing, Weapon X-Men is here for all the fans of classic X-Men adventures.

Symbiote Spider-Man 2099

Speaking of cross-time capers, I’m so excited to see Symbiote Spider-Man 2099 being resolicited among the new Marvel comics series in March 2024. Initially solicited back in 2023, it is believed the series was pushed back indefinitely due to writer Peter David’s health problems.

Now however, the greatest writer of the 2099 line of books returns to his (and fans’) favourite character Miguel O’Hara! With stunning covers from Leinil Francis Yu and Ken Lashley, and gorgeous Symbiotic art from Rogê Antônio, this series promises to be a far-future treat on all fronts.

This might be one of my most anticipated titles from the entire list.

X-Men: Forever

Even as the Krakoan Age comes to a close with the Fall of X, there’s still time it seems for even more new series to launch.

X-Men Forever sees Kieron Gillen (Immortal X-Men, A.X.E.: Judgement Day) and Luca Maresca (Children of the Vault, Monica Rambeau: Photon) team up for a four-part mini-series that acts as something of a coda to Gillen’s run on Immortal. Tying up all those dangling plot threads like “What’s going on with the mutants in the White Hot Room?” and “How does the Pheonix connect into the Enigma Dominion’s endgame?” is top on this book’s priorities.

Expect grand cosmic stakes, psychically-enabled time shenanigans and the fate of all existence to be up for grabs. After all, it is a Wednesday for the X-Men.

X-Men ’97

Once again finding new ways to launch completely different X-Men titles in the same month comes Marvel’s X-Men ’97 mini-series. Acting as a prequel to the upcoming animated show, this is of course set outside of mainline continuity.

From Steve Foxe (Dark X-Men, Dead X-Men) and Salva Espin comes a story born of a collaboration with the showrunner of the Disney+ show themselves, ensuring whatever happens here will lead neatly into the events of the show proper.

Jackpot and Black Cat

Spinning out of recent events in Amazing Spider-Man and the her superhero debut in Gang War, Mary Jane Watson teams up once again with Black Cat, albeit this time she dons her superhero identity, Jackpot.

From Celeste Bronfman (Jackpot #1) and Emilio Laiso (X-Men Unlimited), this four-issue mini-series follows the pair as Black Cat is blackmailed by a classic Spidey villain.

Star Wars: Jango Fett

As of January 2024, Ethan Sacks has wrapped his monumental run on one of my favourite Star Wars comics, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters. If, like me, you’ll miss seeing Sacks penning the adventures of morally complicated killers-for-hire, then you’re in luck with the announcement of Star Wars: Jango Fett.

Solicits are vague right now, but we do know that Jango’s on a mission, and fan-favourite character Aurra Sing is caught up in the mix. Perfect for fans of the prequel era!

Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menance

After the success of Iman Vellani’s writing debut in Ms. Marvel: New Mutant, she returns with co-writer Sabir Pirzada with another four-issue mini-series for everyone’s favourite Champion-Inhuman-Mutant!

This time round, with the specifics of her mutant status now settled, Ms. Marvel: New Mutant focuses on how that newfound identity affects her place in the world around her. Aside from the phenomenal sense of voice that Vellani instils in Kamala, I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the wonderful Scott Godlewski take up the artist reins. His work on Alpha Flight with Ed Brisson was nothing short of spectacular, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures he gets to bring to life here.

Black Widow and Hawkeye

A quick way to get me to buy any comic is to put Stephen Segovia on covers. Thankfully though, the content inside the covers sounds just as exciting as what’s on it, as Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Contest of Champions) and Paolo Villanelli (Star Wars: Bounty Hunters) deliver a four-part celebration with Black Widow & Hawkeye.

It’s a celebration as this series commemorates the 60th anniversary of the characters! For it, they’ll be working together to clear Clint Barton’s name after being falsely accused of a rogue assassination, with plenty of violence along the way.

Aliens: What If…?

Finally, we have a rather special announcement to round out the list. In this debut issue of Aliens: What If…? we follow an alternate version of events where Carter Burke manages to make it out of Hadley’s Hope alive.

What makes it truly special though is Burke’s actor, Paul Reiser, will be writing the story alongside his son, Leon Reiser as well as a host of other talent. Marvel are making great use of the 20th Century Fox properties recently, and this entry looks to continue that trend.

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