Top 10 Most Exciting Superhero Comics in the February 2024 Solicitations

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With January somehow already nearly behind us, a new month of comics approaches. That means, it’s time to go over the most exciting announcements in Marvel and DC Comics’ February 2024 solicitations.

10. Amazons Attack #5

It goes without saying that the main Wonder Woman series is something everyone should be reading, but something that doesn’t get spoken about enough is how well Amazons Attack compliments it.

Not only does this book continue to prove that everyone should be paying attention to Josie Campbell – a writer about to take over on Shazam! and someone I’m convinced the entire industry is about to really wake up on – but it also further explains the effects of the Anti-Amazonian Act as well as how the residents of Themyscira are responding.

Any book with Nubia and Yara Flor is a blessing, confirming they weren’t immediately abandoned after their push in Infinite Frontier, and to see them utilised as both exciting and entertaining heroes here gives me lots of hope for their futures to come.

9. X-Force #49

If you’ve read X-Force #48, then you know this series has finally arrived at the twist its been circling for a while. Morally bankrupt Beast is on the way out, and lovable Avengers-era Beast is back.

In the penultimate issue of one of Marvel’s longest running series in recent memory, I’m just so happy to see everything coming into land as well as it is. It’s been a long road. And, while I’ve certainly enjoyed some parts more than others (we will never speak of the Adamantium surfboard again…), Percy’s longform narrative has worked for me as something greater than the sum of its parts.

Now, with two issues left, it’s time to sit back, relax, and take in those last few moments of a special era as the curtain’s drawn to a close.

8. Nightwing #111

2023 was a bit of a strange year for the Nightwing series, as while it maintained a pleasant, entertaining tone, the temporary loss of Bruno Redondo has been felt. The partnership between him and Taylor really elevated this book to heights the character hasn’t seen in years, and its return is eagerly anticipated.

However, with the recent additions of Sami Basri and Vincent Cifuentes to the art team, Nightwing feels like it’s hitting a bit of a stride again – bolstered somewhat by its strong tie-in in January to Taylor’s Titans: Beast World series (another surprisingly enjoyable hit).

So, between a creative team that increasingly seem to encourage the best from one another, and the promise of some significant movement on the overarching plot, it’s hard not to feel excited for this chapter of Dick Grayson’s adventure. If you fell off during previous arcs, this may be the time to give the book another shot.

7. Poison Ivy #19

Wilson and Takara’s Poison Ivy has consistently been this bright light in an industry that, to its detriment, continues to cull books before they can really find an audience – and in some cases before they even hit the stands (R.I.P. Avengers Inc.). Starting as a six-issue mini, then being extended to twelve, and now flourishing as a fully fledged ongoing, it’s not hard to see why.

It’s exciting, and tense, and yet also plays to its own rhythm. It operates in a space that is decidedly in the superhero space while also borrowing DNA from thrillers, dark romance and some very abstract, experimentalist media.

I’m highlighting this issue in DC’s February 2024 solicitations in particular, as it’s the first part in a 3-part arc titled “The Secret Origin of Pamela Isely”. Given the intimate understanding of the character the creative team have demonstrated thus far, this is a jumping-on point that is so easy to recommend it almost hurts. There has likely not been a better time since #1 to start with this series!

6. Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville #6

It feels a bit strange to put this on a list of the “most exciting” comics in the February 2024 solicitations, because I’m anything but excited for this to end. Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville is this little book that I didn’t know I needed, that plays completely against type in a market that’s a risk averse as anything by turning out an action-comedy centred on two women trying to run a small business.

I’ve spoken before about the emotional and thematic depth that the series has, and every issue is just this delightful, ever-surprising burst of joy, humour and heart. If you haven’t read this series and are even vaguely interested in seeing more than just your standard, punch-laden fare populating the shelves, do yourself a favour and read this. Either go back and find the back issues, or get that pre-order in for the trade paperback collection.

In February, Joanne Starer and Natacha Bustos close out one of my favourite runs from 2023, and I’m equal parts overjoyed and saddened to see it happen.

5. Red Hood: The Hill #1

When we reported the news that Shawn Martinbrough’s Red Hood series was finally coming out, I can’t emphasise my excitement.

Jason Todd is a personal favourite of mine, and it feels like it’s been forever since he’s starred in an earnest Red Hood solo series, bereft of any gimmicks or team shenanigans. Couple that with the sheer and overwhelming passion that Martinbrough has been speaking about this series with in numerous teases over the months leading up to the announcement and it feels like the character is in safe hands.

Finally, I also want to underscore what a result it is to have Sanford Greene providing the art for this book. His work on Bitter Root and more recently on a Justice League Annual with Bendis is absolutely spectacular, and is sure to deliver on both action set pieces as well as evocative emotional beats.

4. Batman #142-144

I must confess, I’ve fallen off of the main Batman title in recent times. Having read the book consistently for the last 12 years, eventually a man needs a break. And yet, with almost clockwork efficiency, Chip Zdarsky keeps reeling me back in.

As revealed in DC’s February 2024 solicitations, Batman will begin to ship bi-weekly as Zdarsky is joined by Andrea Sorrentino, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Nesi for The Joker: Year One. Yes, that’s right, the team is venturing into forbidden territory and further fleshing out the origins of the Clown Prince of Crime in a story set immediately after the legendary Batman: The Killing Joke.

To say I’m cautiously optimistic is an understatement – this is hallowed ground, as nearly every Batman fan will attest to. Yet, in Zdarsky I trust. Let’s see what curious twists and turns the man has in store for us in the wake of Batman: Mindbomb.

3. Wolverine #43 & #44

Since the start of Percy’s run on Wolverine began all the way back in 2020, I’ve gone back and forth on my relationship with it. At times, I’ve felt it’s a book that could have been produced in any era, and didn’t make full use of the Krakoan setting. On the other hand, it’s turned out some quintessential Wolverine stories that stack up with the best of them, crafting both one-offs and multi-issue arcs that really sing.

Now, as we approach the end of the Krakoan Age, Wolverine has really stepped up to the mark. The opening issues of “Sabretooth War” were nothing short of spectacular, and truly evoked the kind of desperation, violence and helplessness that I’ve been looking for in the other Fall of X books.

Joined by Victor Lavalle as they bring both Logan and Creed’s stories to a close, I can’t help but marvel at the strength with which this series will go out with. Percy came to play, and he’s leaving nothing on the table.

2. The Bat-Man: First Knight #1

This entry is a slight cheat, as although it is in the February 2024 solicitations, it doesn’t actually release until March. However, this book is so exciting we need to be talking about it now.

It’s difficult to announce another prestige Batman mini-series in this day and age without the readers eyelids falling heavy, but if there was anything that could buck the trend it would be The Bat-Man: First Knight. Set in the era Batman originally debuted, First Knight follows the emergence of the Bat-Man in 1939 as the world teeters on the brink of war and the Caped Crusader finds himself investigating a series of heinous murders that baffle the mind.

Dripping in noirish undertones and the promise of something willing to engage with the historical context of the times, this series from comics legends Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins immediately has my interest. If you’re tired of constant, samey Bat-books, give this one a chance. It’s the kind of creative, intelligent story that we should be asking for more of in the superhero space.

1. Ultimate Black Panther #1

While everyone else has been talking up Ultimate Spider-Man (and rightly so, it’s tremendous) I need to give some space to the second Ultimate Universe title, Ultimate Black Panther.

From mastermind Bryan Edward Hill, whose work I fell in love with on Batman and the Outsiders, and Stefano Caselli who spent the last few years elevating what X-Men comics could look like, I couldn’t be more excited for this debut.

Promising a mix of intrigue, action and worldbuilding, this new Black Panther series will explore the Ultimate version of Wakanda, which we’ve recently learning is under threat from a reimagined version of Moon Knight. Constituted of two beings, Khonshu and Ra, the Moon Knight will face off against Wakanda’s king, T’Challa in a battle for the future of Africa.

I cannot overstate how exciting it is to finally see Marvel give this level of creative freedom to a team like Hill and Caselli. The whole Ultimate Universe is shaping up to be some of the most exciting work in superhero comics in years, but this is going to be a real highlight.

Do. Not. Miss. Out!


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