Justice Society of America to Expand After 12 Issues, Says Geoff Johns

Justice Society of America #8 Variant Cover Tony Harris

As part of Popverse’s in-depth interview with Geoff Johns, and then reported separately by them first and after the fact, Geoff Johns just dropped huge news about the ongoing Justice Society of America title.

That’s right, after the ongoing series concludes its run of 12 issues, Johns has promised that the team will expand, becoming a ‘global organisation’.

Will Geoff Johns be Continuing to Write Justice Society of America?

As previously noted elsewhere, Johns recently went exclusive as part of his work with new independent company Ghost Machine. Taking with him a host of DC Comics’ best writers and artists, much debate was had about what that meant for the future of titles such as Justice Society of America and the “New Golden Age” line at large.

Well, as of right now the answer is still unclear, although what is apparent is that whatever shape the JSA take from here on out it will be one Johns has helped mold.

If Johns is not set to write the follow-up adventures, as his exclusive contract with Ghost Machine would lead us to believe, then speculation is that one of the current New Golden Age writers – Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams or Robert Venditti – are best placed to pick up the reins.

Alternatively, given the rumours surrounding a new project that Mark Waid and Dan Mora have moved on to, having recently left Shazam!, it’s always possible that they will be the creative team to take over.

What Does this Mean for the Justice Society of America?

While the current ongoing series will end at #12, a follow-up series (possibly just titled Justice Society) could come next.

Additionally, there have been rumblings of other New Golden Age titles in the works to follow up on Alan Scott: The Green Lantern, Jay Garrick: The Flash and Wesley Dodds: The Sandman since this line of books was announced. It’s currently unclear how this ‘global organisation’ angle will affect that.

In the pages of Justice Society of America, expect new members to join the team, both from across the globe but also seemingly from across time, as Johns alludes to in his interview with Sam Stone. In particular, Johns namedrops The Mist and Ruby (future members of the team) as targets for Huntress’ recruitment drive.

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